Elizabeth University is a Christian Educational Training School that was founded by Elizabeth Perkins in January 2018 in Houston, Texas. It was created in order to teach, empower, encourage, mentor and change the lives of ordinary girls into extraordinary girls.


Elizabeth University is a Christian Educational Training School for Girls that was established for the purpose of girls changing the world! We teach, empower and mentor girls through Educational courses, Specialized Training Courses and Theology Courses. We are dedicated to reaching girls of all ages. The intent of our school is to help them understand their self-value and self-worth, help them to utilize their talents and reach their full potential in every area of their lives. In addition, we desire for girls to live a life of excellence and integrity, in order to impact their communities and their world.

Elizabeth University was also created to reach out to girls of all nationalities in order to motivate their minds, develop a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence and establish the whole person in order for her to understand her purpose. As a result, we choose to assist girls in recognizing personal challenges in their lives which may include destroying bans of low self-esteem, depression, emotional struggles and problems, toxic relationships, sexual abuse, generational curses and other elements that affect the entire female makeup. We inspire girls to find hope, purpose and walk into their destiny. Overall, our aim is equipping girls of all ages to live productive lives in today’s society and prepare them for tomorrow’s future.


Elizabeth University was birthed in order to assist girls in their personal lives, social growth and surroundings, educational endeavors and presenting themselves in a first class manner. Moreover, it was designed to promote eight core values: Leadership, Spiritual Growth and Development, Moral Ethics, Academic Achievement, Entrepreneurship, Social Service, Image and Etiquette and Sisterhood.